Pytheas' Path empowers individual refugees to reach independence. We accomplish this through a variety of programs that teach language skills and offer mentorship, supported by donations and aid organizations. 


Our organization, Pytheas’ Path was named after the Ancient Greek explorer, Pytheas of Massalia. In the 320’s BC, he set out to explore the unknown world. Pytheas’ explorations took him from the Mediterranean to the undiscovered British Isles, which he circumnavigated, explored and engaged in trade with the local populations. He went up to the Arctic Circle and down through the Germanic Region, discovering different populations, materials and trade routes. He brought all of his experiences home and shared his vast knowledge and discoveries with the Ancient Greeks. 

Pytheas was a person who through courage, curiosity and sheer determination was able to expand his personal horizons and consequently those of the Ancient Greek’s world. The refugees that apply to our program have faced adversity on their own journey, but by taking the first step in approaching our organization, have shown that like Pytheas, they too are determined to seek out and stake their place in the world. 


Pytheas' Path was started in 2017 as a response to the refugee crisis at the time taking place in Europe. We sympathised with the refugees that were fleeing from violence and persecution, and understood that they were seeking to improve the quality of their lives and their families lives. But at the same time, we felt that if after the enormous distance they had travelled, with all those risks and dangers associated with that journey, that if they were not able to finally arrive and integrate themselves into European Society...then well, it would all have been in vain. And so as a response to this, we established Pytheas' Path to help those refugees - who have already shown that they have resolve and determination - achieve their full potential for themselves and society. 



Mahmoud is originally from Damascus and is one of our master language tutors. He is able to speak and write in Arabic, English, and German and currently teaches our B1 and B2 English classes.



Suhel is originally from Daraa, Syria. He was a law student at Damascus University. In 2016 he moved to Greece and started volunteering with different NGOs. With 3 years experience in translation and teaching, Suhell speaks Arabic and English.



My name is Davoud Moazi. I was born in the summer of 1998 in the region of Kurds in Iran. I came to Greece in 2016 and left my country due to political tensions and my involvements in them. I learned English through independent courses and watching movies. I was studying Physics and Mathematics as a high school student back home and now Philosophy and International relations with a minor in IT at the American College



For more than forty years, Marylee Behrens has been an education and teaching professional, teaching the English language as well as health and medical education, and protocol, etiquette and cultural education for international businesses and individuals in government and public service.


Dr Behrens has traveled widely and has extensive experience working internationally. She specializes in working with people in stressful situations and from diverse cultural backgrounds.