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    Chris grew up living between Australia and New Zealand and moved to Europe in 2015 at the height of the refugee crisis. Feeling strongly for those that are most vulnerable and dismayed by what he saw as a lack of opportunity for refugees in Greece, he sought out an avenue where he could contribute to the lives of the refugees arriving in the EU.



    Celia is originally from New Zealand. Like many, she was deeply moved by the European refugee crisis and undertook research of the issues its people were facing. In 2017, Celia identified that there were many individuals that desperately wanted to be contributing members of society, but by circumstance were dependent on the state. Realizing that this dependency cycle could be broken with small amounts of financial assistance, she put all her efforts into building an organization full of hope.



    Ahmed is originally from Egypt and has experience in teaching physical sciences. He is our tutor in Athens, assisting applicants with IB exams as well as English and Arabic language tutoring. 



    Mahmoud is originally from Damascus and is one of our master language tutors. He is able to speak and write in Arabic, English, and German and currently teaches our B1 and B2 English classes.



    My name is Davoud Moazi. I was born in the summer of 1998 in the region of Kurds in Iran. I came to Greece in 2016 and left my country due to political tensions and my involvements in them. I learned English through independent courses and watching movies. I was studying Physics and Mathematics as a high school student back home and now Philosophy and International relations with a minor in IT at the American College of Greece. I am also working in Teleperformance Hellas as an Inbound Service Specialist. 


    The best way to Learn is to Teach. This is my primary reason for my occupation and my love for it. 



    English is a universal platform that can connect people from different backgrounds. In this day in age, it is imperative to know English in order to comprehend and participate in international activities. Learning English opens the door to educational as well as societal opportunities. If you know English you can navigate your way through the world we live in today and resources will be easily accessible. A language is a tool that when used, can give you the things you need to connect you to a broader pool of people. A common language allows for diversity to grow and for us to understand each other. 



    Dominique, born the 14th of October 1990 in Yaounde, the political city of Cameroon. In 2016-2017 I graduated in Trade Law and because of problems and situations I faced in my country, I decided to quit, leaving my 8-year-old daughter but for a moment. I am in Greece since April 2018 and as a French native speaker, I did notify myself to improve in English and learn more because I found that her in Europe, English represents a big benefit. As a result, grateful to the NGO There You Go, I am now holding a learning certificate of C2 level and I am proud to work with the NGO Pytheas Path as a teacher of A1 and A2 levels which allows me to put my learning experience at the service of others. 


Pytheas' Path empowers individual refugees to reach independence. We accomplish this through a variety of programs that teach language skills and offer mentorship, supported by donations and aid organizations.