We run a lean organisation with very few overheads. Our employees are refugees themselves, so that almost all the money we spend on running this organisation ends up in the hands of refugees. With that being said, we are always in need of donations and have linked below the specific needs of our organisation.



English / Arabic Dictionaries

Our students need dictionaries for English classes. Donations fund the cost of the book. 

Unicert English Exam Fee

Contribute a donation to cover the exam fee that is paid to the Unicert organisation overseeing the exams. Once the student passes the exam, they are presented with an internationally recognized English Language certification.

Tutor Blocks

We pay our teachers to teach our refugee students. These teachers are refugees themselves, and they teach English from A1-C2, and computing classes.



Baby suppliers

Often refugees find themselves in squats - abandoned buildings around Athens that can be occupied by up to 300 people at a time. Many of these refugees are single mothers. By providing them with baby supplies, we can drastically improve their conditions.



Cleaning Suppliers

Pytheas' Path employs refugees to clean the abandoned premises that many refugees live in - often up to 300 at a time, including mothers and children. By contributing to this, you are directly supporting the welfare of these refugees.


ECHO Library

Donate to a range of resources for the ECHO Library from learning resources, books, and fuel for the mobile library. 


Kids Klub

Options to provide a week of daily snacks for children, classroom and playground learning resources or building materials. 



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